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Become a Family Business Answers Member TODAY!!!

Become a Family Business Answers Member TODAY!!!

Meridian Method Transforms Family Businesses

Ready to build your family business succession plan, retain & hire the best, and ensure future GROWTH!?

Family Business Answers Membership: Make Your Family Business Even Better with Meridian Coaching!
“Don’t be happy with the Status Quo!. Learn the strategies and tools need to QUICK growth, strong teams, and more CASH!


Access to over 500+ articles and resources, on-demand learning courses, monthly live webinars for family businesses to create growth, get more cash, and become more efficient.
  • ACCESS TO MERIDIAN LIBRARY OF ARTICLES AND TOOLS: Access to our library of over 500+ articles and tools to grow and make your business more efficient!
  • 12 Family Business Courses: On-demand learning for your family business team on financials, hiring, business strategy and more!
  • 2 Live Monthly Webinars: Gain access to Impact LIVE family business webinars where we cover the MOST important current topics for making family businesses even better.  Sessions include tips and resources wells as a question and answer session.
  • BONUS RESOURCES: Learn the essential resources you need to hire and retain the very best employees in today’s job market!

But WAIT There's MORE!!!

  • Bonus #1: The Hiring Playbook ($1,400 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Meridian’s Growth Playbook ($995 Value)
  • ULTIMATE BONUS: Status Quo ONE-ON-ONE coaching session! ($2,000 Value)

Don't Lose The Legacy You've Worked So Hard to Build

Get Our Family Succession Planning Guide Now!

Ensure Your Family Business Thrives for Generations to Come with a Succession Plan


  • 4 Step Process to Planning Leadership Succession
  • Learn to Identify Common Issues in Planning
  • Know Exact Family Succession Best Practices

Planning Guide for Successful Leadership Transition

  • 4 Step Process to Planning Leadership Succession
  • Learn to Identify Common Issues in Planning
  • Know Exact Family Succession Best Practices

Preserve Your Legacy and Get Our Succession Planning Guide Below...

4 Steps to a Successful Leadership Transition
One Complete Guide to Succession Planning
Step 1

Select the Right Person to Become the Next Leader

Step 2

Identify & Organize Necessary Information

Step 3

Best Ways to Transmit Info to Incoming Leader

Step 4

How to Replace Outgoing Leader with Incoming Leader

Ensure Family Unity

Protect your family relationships while securing the future of your business

Avoid Succession Conflicts with a Plan

Without a well-planned succession plan for a multi-generational family business, business owners risk the potential loss of family harmony and relationships. If a family business does not have a clear plan for how ownership and control will be transferred from one generation to the next, it can cause confusion, misunderstandings, and even disputes among family members. This can lead to a breakdown in family relationships, and in some cases, even the dissolution of the family business itself. It is important to have a succession plan in place to ensure that these types of problems are avoided and that the family business remains intact for future generations.

  • Clear up confusion and misunderstandings before they happen
  • Eliminate the risk of family disputes over control of the business
  • Maintain family unity and relationships for generations to come

Without a Plan in Place, Financial Futures of Your Business AND Family Are at Risk

Without a clear succession plan in place, your family business lacks direction, leading to important decisions being made without a comprehensive understanding of the implications.

Succession Planning Ensures Financial and Family Stability
Financial loss and business failure can be devastating for a multi-generational family business that fails to plan for succession. Without a clear plan in place, the business may lack direction, leading to important decisions being made without a comprehensive understanding of the implications. This can result in poor investments, mismanagement, and a decline in revenue. As the business continues to suffer financially, it may eventually become unable to survive, leading to business failure. This outcome not only affects the family members who own and work in the business but also the employees and the community who depend on it. Having a succession plan in place can help ensure that the business remains financially stable and continues to thrive for generations to come.

What Family Businesses Are Saying About Meridian's Services


Meridian's Complete Family Succession Guide

Ready to build your family business succession plan, preserve your legacy, and ensure future GROWTH!?

“Passing the Torch: The Importance of Succession Planning for Multi-Generational Family Businesses” Webinar
“Don’t let your family business fade away. Learn the strategies and tools you need to create a solid succession plan and preserve your legacy for future generations.”


Learn step-by-step how Meridian helps to create seamless family succession plans that preserve business legacy while strategically growing family businesses.
  • HOW TO GATHER THE ESSENTIAL INFORMATION FOR BUSINESS SUCCESSION: Learn about our resource that helps find and identify essential information needed for a successful leadership transition.
  • BONUS RESOURCES: Learn the essential resources you need to hire and retain the very best employees in today’s job market!

Family Business Courses & Learning

Multi-Generational family businesses looking for strategic growth in sales, marketing, and financials have used our trainings below for over 20 years.  Along with strategic growth, our trainings include an indepth training on transforming your hiring process as well as a complete guide to planning and executing your family business succession plan.

The Hiring Playbook

The Hiring Playbook is the essential guide for multi-generational family businesses looking to hire and retain the best workers.  You will learn how to find candidates with and without ads, the secrets to attracting young workers, and best practices to growth and retain employees.
Just $995

Passing the Baton

Passing the Baton is the complete course for multi-generation family businesses that need leadership succession.  You will learn how to build a complete succession plan for your family business and all the actionable steps needed in order to implement a successful leadership transition.
Just $995

Strategic Sales Growth

 The Strategic Sales Growth course up-levels your sales team and teaches you how to lead your team to higher sales.  You will learn how the Meridian Method of prospecting, sales pipeline, and closing the sale.  You will also learn how to build an over-achieving sales team with sales manager training.
Just $995

Strategic Marketing Growth

Meridian’s business marketing growth strategies focuses on increases sales for multi-generational family businesses.  Whether your prospective customer is a dealer, a commercial fuel, buyer, or simply the average consumer, you’ll gain the strategies, tactics and marketing weapons to generate more leads and close more sales.
Just $995

Financial Growth Strategies

Financial Growth Strategies helps multi-generational, family businesses grow by receiving your cash faster, understanding the new credit process, and monitoring your accounts. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or someone just beginning, this course will provide you with new processes to help build success!
Just $995
Family Business memberships
Online Training for Family Businesses

For over 30 years Meridian Associates has been helping multi-generational family businesses by providing online training modules for strategic growth in sales, finances, and marketing as well as coaching for hiring best practices and succession planning.  For the first time, these on-demand courses, tools, and resources are available for a low monthly membership.

Our on-demand membership product that gives multi-generational family business access to all of our training modules can be accessed by clicking the sign up bottom for immediate, online access!  If you are looking for a more done-with-you, handing on, coaching approach, than click the M-Pact Membership option to book a call with our family business specialists!

Family Business Answers
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Family Business Succession Training
Advanced Marketing Strategies
Strategic Sales Growth Course
The Hiring Playbook
Strategic Financial Growth Training
Access to 100’s of Tools & Resources
M-Pact Membership
Courses w/ Coaching Services
For Price
All Strategic Growth Courses
The Hiring Playbook
Custom Family Succession Plan
Expert One on One Coaching
Total Team Coaching
Access to Exclusive Live Events!

Hire The Best People The Hiring Playbook

"The Meridian Method of Hiring allowed us to attract the ‘right’ people for our positions, quickly, sort through candidates, and speed up the interview process. It sure feels good to have the manpower we need for our next volume growth."
- Mark Domeier, Osco Oil

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This is a 30-minute, down-to-business, problem-solving, bare-knuckle, eye-opening coaching session where we show you, during a live search, how you can find your OWN candidates to fill YOUR open positions using our Playbook tactics!

You get a one-on-one session to see our hiring methods in action – so you can get REAL candidates…

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Get AN EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP, the hiring playbook, and the kickstarter session. That gives you…

  • All of our proven tactics to hire the people you need and put an end to the revolving door of mediocre employees.
  • Access to dozens of family business courses, hundreds of helpful articles and tools, as well as access to live monthly webinars on topics such as sales, marketing, customer service, hiring, and more.
  • A one-on-one session to see our hiring methods in action – so you can get REAL candidates.