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And Meet Our Precision Valuation Team!

Ken Koger
VP Valuation and Advisory & Shareholder

Bringing serious firepower to our elite Valuation and Advisory department, Ken was a great addition to Meridian in early 2009 and a stockholder/owner since 2019. Ken’s extensive banking and finance expertise was forged within the trenches of several industries including petroleum. Working environments ranged from smaller entrepreneurial companies to larger NYSE listed corporations. Clients appreciate how he manages to temper his meticulous attention to details and ‘number crunching’ abilities with his real world business savvy to make the numbers accessible, meaningful, and usable in everyday decision making.

James Berner
Valuation Specialist

James came to us with over seven years of complex, financial analysis with a leading Mortgage Underwriting firm. His knowledge includes both high-level credit and risk analysis coupled with a thorough background and understanding of multilayered loan structures. James graduated from Robert Morris University with a degree in Business Administration, achieving Magna Cum Laude and finished his MBA with Baylor University in August 2019. He and his wife, Nicole, welcomed their first child, Ford, in 2021.

The Meridian Precision valuation Difference:

• You walk away with 3 things you can do to make your business even MORE valuable (nobody else does this!).
• 30+ years of experience with family businesses.
• One of the largest financial databases nationwide.
• Unmatched accuracy.
• Proprietary process that saves you money.
• Meridian Precision Valuations are readily accepted by the IRS.
If you are gifting shares, doing estate planning, thinking about buying/selling, or growth planning for the future, you need a Precision Valuation from a company that KNOWS family business. You wouldn’t ask your CPA to appraise your house, you want a real estate expert.  Your family business is the same, you want the family business experts.  At Meridian, we know family business.  With our 30+ years of experience working with multi-generational family businesses, and the largest family business database nationwide, our accuracy is unmatched by other firms.