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Dr. Elko Webinars

Special Event: Dr. Kevin Elko (August 21, 2019)


I was blown away when I looked at the caller ID on my cell phone and saw the name Dr. Kevin Elko. I was even more surprised when after a few minutes of small talk, he said “Betsi, let’s do something together.”

If you don’t know Dr. Elko, he’s literally coached the best of the best: national champions, top collegiate coaches and team, and business giants. A dear client suggested we HAD to work together, but it took me YEARS to book him for our CEO Exchange. I almost gave up. But he finally said yes in 2016, and he’s been inspiring our CEOs ever since.

When he said “Betsi, let’s do something together,” of course I was flattered. And now, you’re invited to join me live with Dr. Elko this Wednesday, August 21st, at 11am CST. Can you believe it?

Why did he call me? It turns out that after almost losing his life recently, he’s even more driven to make a difference in the lives of people. He knows through my feedback that his words have made life-changing differences for multiple Meridian clients. Dr. Elko’s first speaking was so inspiring to me that I’ve used his phrase “Go BE a blessing” as our webinar ending slide ever since. How powerful! And that was BEFORE his heart attack.

What can you gain from carving out this half-hour? You can expect…

  • Fresh perspective on living your life well
  • Impactful and often hilarious stories
  • Practical techniques that will change your mindset and improve your life
  • A faith-based enthusiasm that can’t be ignored

Take some time and let us bless you!

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